California Association for

Compensatory Education


The California Association of Compensatory Education is an organization that educates parents and teachers on the NCLB Title I law that infuses money into schools in socio-economically disadvantaged areas to "level up" the opportunities for our children to be educated.  We do this through both local and statewide conferences.  We also offer a limited number of scholarships to children who have been a student in a Title I school.  CACE also holds an annual Essay Contest for children in Title I Schools with a plaque and a bookstore gift card for an elementary school, junior high school  and high school winner.  For more about who we are and what we do please refer to the "What is CACE?" page or contact us for further information.  You may also contact us about holding a mini-conference in your school district.

While browsing our website please be sure to visit our What You Need To Know page.  Here you will find information on what your Board is working on

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